Force Of Choices and Life Taken From Me

I write to free my mind and organize to be free of the files within myself spirit bothering me

I speak out the words instead of hiding within being honest and forward and open

there is nothing wrong with me except for you took a family apart wrongly and are trying to force me to be family and marry a man who in the past has hurt and harmed and wronged in bad ways me forcing him on me trying to force love, marriage and unyolked and past history of abuse. One in yourself is supposed to have freedom of speech, choice of marriage when they feel they have found the right one and make their own choices to live in life. You are going against every given law and battle in that.   You are taking all of that away from me. In every way. I should not be forced to live my life in your eyes for my self or my marriage or who I even date. Even though I am older I am still the baby my mother born of her womb I never signed myself off to anyone in marriage or any other way and have always lived my life with my family I was born into.  So how do you have right to rape and take and force all my life and choices away.

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