My Story, How I’ve Become To Now

As I stated in and earlier entry I was born and raised in Audubon Pennsylvania. I grew up in Pennsylvania graduated highschool living my entire life relying under the wings of God due to a seizure disorder and not able to be what humans would call normal. Well as I was coming into graduation of senior year of highschool my youngest brother was moving into the highschool while my oldest brother was transitioning to college and my parents were dealing with their parents divorcing, ill and dieing and hurricane Floydd coming ripping thru flooding my childhood home out. Trying to do all in there power and will that they could with schooling and raising three kids a divorce of one in laws and several sick and on death bed family members they still sat trying to do what time they could to save my childhood house however unsuccessfully. Meanwhile all the family members then died who had been ill and my grandmother left her house where I have been staying currently to my mother and uncle. Yet my mothe then died and left it then between my uncle and my father. Problem is my grandmother a wonderful women an evangelist died of age 94 yrs and had loved company and had helped and had several other four generations of friend and family live in and out of the home as well God bless her rest in peace Mima i love you. So the care of that house had also gotten overwhelmed as well and become more handle than any one ever knew. So once my family moved in yes it gave a temporary roof but it caused more damage to a very closely connected Christian family than good. So now they have temporary taken my kids unless it all can be fixed and mended. This is how I became homeless. I didn’t want to come down this route but God always says open your honest ways and ask for your needs. In my reply when I see it is time it shall be given. I don’t know his time. I don’t like being honest about the bad and evil works of Satans under minding evil that embarrasses but I need help and need to step outside my boundaries of hiding myself and work on widening my surroundings and broaden myself 

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