I Never Denied, I Need Help And I’ve Complied

I never denied myself

I never denied that I need help

I denied the trust of those in my realm around me who were doing the work of trying to help me

I have always complied with all around in whatever they ask it’s who I am

But trust and I don’t do well and many a time deform 

I run from trust

I hide inside 

I hide what hurts because it feels good to hide

But I’ve never denied I need help

I’ve begged and pleaded and written a battle cry

This is who I am honest, sincere, forward and endere

I’m not a monster they all form me out to be

I just want to stop fighting for equality 

Been fighting that right for so long trying to get disability back to 1997 and everyday them denying me

Now I’ve reached a point in my life where it’s raped my family, my life and my freedom and my marriage away from me as I have to this day never been married at thirty eight

Yet they say what they have done is okay 

With no father listed 

No marriage

And no paternity claimed

And history of abuse towards me 

Yes my living situation is bad but I’m trying to get help everyday and have never stopped

I only sleep maybe one or two hours still trying not giving up 

It’s all I can do to fight this fight your claiming at me Mrs authorities

He’s done lots worse and his mom even more leavening  this kinda stuff done to me yet you allow my kids rights to go there with 

Again no father

No marriage

No paternity 

And just look at what they’ve done to me

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