Love For A Man

LOVE FOR A MAN: Written by Jenny Palmer August 29, 2002Love for a man 

Love for a man I can not hold. 

But what love I feel but yet can not touch.

Love that I seek but can not find.

The unseen and seen but nowhere near by.

To reach but not grasp

To ask the smallest of all small things yet given nothing and making it big.

To hear the words but not see the action is bigger than the grasp of that less taken.

What things we may know may never be found unless we pay attention to he who knows best. Yet even the best know not the road taken only the good that’s not forsaken. 

I know the true love is the one above yet another true love is the one I want to love. 

My heart yearns for love from that one man, the love for a man I have not yet seen.

Will we ever meet face to face and see something more than just what we see.

Will we grow as one as a flower in the sun.

In one body together forever no matter what the weather. 

May our Love grow strong for He and I.

Nothing less than the better best, 

nothing more than the farthest shore. 

Nothing so strong can get inside. Inside the soul where all the deep dwell.

May it be good it will be seen 

may it be bad it will be heard.

but the inner self is where it does creep. 

To never come out until the right time

till the day that love for that man will bring me to rest. 

To see that not yet known and feel that not yet touched.

to seek but not find.

To reach the unreachable

slipping by the smallest things and not yet coming to the bigger ones.

To hear the words from far and near but not understand the things in eyes view.

The love for a man I don’t yet know. 

The love for a man I can not hold.

Feeling the love that has not been touched.

Finding the love I no longer seek.

The one true love.
The one sacrifice.

The love of my life.

Jesus Christ.

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