I Said Several Tears Today

I said several prayers for you today asking my father God for you to be okay I know he is listening and that he’s there I know he hears me and that he cares

I said several prayers in Jesus name to heal your wounds that fill you full of Shame’s and blames

I said Lord God only you and he know of his sins and what he’s done to loose or win

I said a prayer right now with tears coming out of my eyes to ask to give you the strength to hold on and fight this fight that I know that you could fight even if not to win in will that pleased be to you it would be will be time to free ver please God cause you fought and held thru focusing and coming along walking with he and I maybe quiet but time still spent good enough to be done one step closer to being the winning one

So even if you don’t win you still have won

Even if you have yet lost this fight you’ve yet won the best fight of your entire life and one within site of God’s own eyes bringing you standing at the foot at the strong tower today

And I said a prayer for you today that you’d not give up this fight with what your slim risk lies in hopes that you’d stay strong here by my side and await my wings to come swift you away and carry you away awaiting for to come save you soon one day from all this worry and earthly pain this pray but now for today for tonight you’ll be safe and okay

As I said not just several prayer for you today

But several prayers and tears to cry for each word or prayer I said and felt inside

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