Annual Report Sarah’s Journey 2015-2016

2015-2016 Annual Report Sarah’s Journey Page

Be something (The New Chapter)

Try #2

My first one vanished after I wrote it…

         Be something 

         Be something special 

         Be something amazing 

         Be something real

         Be something down to earth 

Be something new

Be something you never knew you’d be

Be something you’d never knew you’d do

Be something you’d never see yourself doing 

Be something you’d never see yourself journeying 

Walk new steps to get there 

Adventure and experience new pathways you’ve never gone

Create a new chapter in life and be something you’ve never been or seen before

Be something new 

Be something real the new you

Be something amazing 

Be something different 

Be something special 

Be something speratic 

Be something spectacular 

Be something extravagant 

Be something extra special and superb 

Be something in a new journey you’d never see

Be Best Friends Not Bullies (The Song)

Be best friends not bullies

Don’t bully be best friends 

Don’t pretend you are friends

Be nothing less than best of friends 
Arguing gets ya nowhere

Demanding hurts each other’s soul

Ordering hurts your own soul 

Bickering becomes nothing but annoying and a nuisance 
Be best friends not bullies

Don’t bully be best friends 

Don’t pretend you are friends

Be nothing less than best friends 
Come on out help each other

Join in and create a team 

Join in and unite with each other 

Create peace all in the same

The Deep Abyss Life Ride

Drowning in the sea in a deep abyss
White caps and rough waves clashing around me
Reaching high trying to save myself from the whirlpools pulling in the currents beneath
Trying to tech a climb where I can maintain a balance of safety
Being continually sucked in where I don’t belong
Not trying to be where I am within this deep abyss sucking me down
Living on thin line in danger and chance
Where I have never chosen or faced heading that path
Being sucked deeper into deeper darker holes unable to escape the deep waters and rough seas sucking me down
Into rough treacherous waters and dark unknowns where fear runs my inner emotion over all emotions within reach and near
In the night shreaks and screams filling the air as torture can be heard drifting with the winds by my ear
Life overwhelming and has lost control
Water drops on my face that I can’t even tell if of the rough seas or my very own cried tears
I’m not the only one who will become hurt in this whirl ride
Yet I’m the only one doing the fight to try to hang on,hold fast,focus and survive
This is my roller coaster ride,deep abyss life ride
A ride I am on that I never chose to climb in and chance life on
One I became a piece of and can’t climb off or out
Not knowing answer of how
For now this is my torture
This is my hell
This is my life that is sucking me down in the sea of unknowns
Hurting more than just me in the chances ahead not where I have chosen the paths I am lead