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Titanium I post this video to share with you tonight because this song is hitting home in my soul tonight as I know ya’ll have noticed I haven’t been posting as frequently currently. YES I am still sick with the bronchitis and still have the concussion from the assault, however I also have personal things I have not yet told anyone about yet as I have not known what or how to say them each and everyone in and out of my inner and outer realm of life are each their own very special to me I’d never want to hurt anyone. I thank all of you for being a part in my journey called life. In four days my daughter goes in for her most extensive blood procedure surgery she has ever had yet of all of the ones she already has had to go thru, also myself they have learned something is going on as well with me however not yet sure what the something is exactly. I know I am strong, I am titanium. Many a time I withstand all that rolls my direction. I’m sure I may again however I can’t ignore this. The other day I awoke in pain and when I went to the doctors they took some neck and shoulder X-rays looking for an injury, however finding no injury they did find “a something” below my clavicle and above my heart they believe where there should only be air and empty space in that area of your chest they found “a something” and are sending me out for further studies and scans to try to learn what it is. If you look closely, it looks like a medium water balloon yet doctors have no idea what it is. So granted to say I may be titanium and strong but I’m still scared and curious and worried about tomorrow in both events happening around me. And I am still human. Please keep me in thought and prayers.IMG_0202

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