It’s Who I Am, Your Perfect In Every Way

Oh I’ve heard it said before….That every memory is made by a photograph

That one friend will come in thru the front door of your life as others leave out of the back or side doors

Searching their answers or to leave and not return

I shall stay looking up high at you and staying widely aware mad focused

I see 

I hear you speak 

I hear the voice 

You are more powerful than I 

You are the almighty

You are perfect 

You are God 

NO child…. Yes I am God but I am just like you I am you as I made you You are perfect in all of your ways

I make each of my children of driffrence yet likenesses of how I see each seed 

 I create the characters of them of what I want of them from who I’ve made and you are one of my angels on earth meant to be as it shall be

Others are messengers, storytellers you are one of my earth angels 

It’s Who I Am


 It’s who I’m named

Who I’ve been named

Who he has called and chosen me to be

Perfect in all of my ways It’s who I am fit to his way

How he created me

The earth angel of the webs

Shall you walk with me and stay and believe 

Or walk away and loose faith, hope and mock me turning away also from the pathway lead by his work also it’s your choice but remember I’ve never done any wrong toward you only shared his messages with you and invited to enjoy in what I enjoy with my children at night or thru the day as we spend time together because it’s something special.

It’s Real 

I’m real

An earth angel

A human 

A child

A sister

A child of God

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