River Of Pain, Letting All Within Go

We all are dealt a hand to play in life
sometimes a bit more than we’ve been asked
It’s how we react to what we’ve been given
that makes us think what it is we feel and think
to take part in how we feel or see our hand
i know i do much of my deep thought in voice through song or writings
yet my heart speaks out all my voice however it comes
nature has also always played a big part within who I am also
with living homeless and laying my life back in Gods hands as much as i can it becomes hard to focus with so much negative around
that there is where we feel like our feet are’nt touching the ground beneath us
like a river we let ourselves flow just turning all over and going with the flow to try to release as we best can to release us of all pain
Some say this is best way
others say it’s not the right way
it’s the way i see fit for me
pain lies within your inner soul
if you keep it in it burns or tears it’s way out again
leaving more pain along the way
I’ve been trying to gain my life back for going on seven years now after the flood then moms death and now homeless with my stale situations now I feel like letting go yet i know that won’t help at all
new obsticles, situations, issues always being thrown within your path
a river of pain flowing silently out letting all within go


When u have a dream you can not start. A writing you can not finish. Your mind has gone blank before you could learn from it. You see a rainbow that doesn’t end. You’ve lived a life that is still just beginning. This is your time to journey on and claim your own this is your time in experience. 

 Written by J. PALMER 8/27/2015