My Cinderella Story

I awake in the morning as the pure bright light braises my face. I gently open my eyes as I look around and take in all earthly things and the fresh cool breeze flowing in my window Paine. Looking thru the light I take my first breath of the day. Each bright ray of light shining over or across my face. Smelling the early morning dew and mist. Hearing cicadas in the top tall tees outside. The crickets sing to me morning and night the birds tell me it’s time to rise even if I’m not ready. The deer give me hope and peace as they cross my yard while the fox and Hawks inspire me drawing me close each day. Squirrels scamper in play reminding me of my hustle and bustle in every busy day. Barley ever getting a moment of rest except the little sleep throughout the night. Loving the animals and taking in everything between each regular day as if to role play in my very own version of the Cinderella story. Looking into my own life in a who new light. Seeing thru a light spectrum I’ve never seen before. This is my life as I begin each new chapter.

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