In This World Of Unknown Dreams

Sitting lost in a world of unknowns.

dreamily dreaming of days of tomorrrow

 even with each day

crashing and clashing down around me

I am still trying to keep myself focused up high

in wonder if in my life

shall I ever see peace,harmony and serenity in marriage

shall I ever meet God face to face

people expeting miracles of me

when I can’t even hold myself strong in one place

will there ever be hope withi my life or in myself

another day of unknowns

filled with worthless doubts

this neverending roller coaster of downs in hopes that I may find someone to pull me back up

releasing me from the world of unknown and dreams

seeing my life floating smoothly along like soaring fluttering butterflies

In synchronized time with the passing hummingbird

seeing all beauty within the dreams of the air

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