Silence Is Not Me

Each day I awake

sunlight shining bright deep into my face

I lay in my bed alone thinking of you beside me day and night

Not knowing you not knowing hen you will be beside me

yet in the light I see I really ant you and me

I want to be free of this hell I live

I want you and me and to cherish very moment we’re meant to live

I have dreamt of this since I was age nine

I believe if you found me I believe it to be time

Staying alone in my bed fills my heart with somber sad mellow silence

it’s not what I want

I’m bubbly alive and all about play in everyway

I want to shout that you are mine I want to shout that I have someone protecting me

that I am alive in love and have earned and met the white dove

I want everyone to bless what w have

Not have myself shutting down staying silent about that I would have him and hide all that we’d have

I think each day how I wish I had you to cuddle

how I wish life were so much more

alone in my room with silence all around is all I face and see

silence is golden, but it’s not me

I want it all

I want the beauty

I want you

I want us or eternity

I want us to come home

I want to be free and happy

I want to live and experience what beauty could be

I don’t want silence in this hell

I don’t want to be alone each day

I want life

I want love

I want marriage and future

I want you and me

can you see that

can you see past my busy to see deep inside

the feelings I can not express to you

the feelings I need to hide away to be the person I want to be with you

Silence is not me

I love you

I believe that one day

one day we will see each other and be

you and me

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