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Originally posted on Angel Takes Flight:
Stay Part Of This Wolrd I Won’t Give Up In Minds Eye I lost My Mind by Jennifer Palmer AKA HevnSwtAngel

Life As An Emerengency Volunteer

The alarm sounded as people from everywhere scattered one victim of random cardiac arrest fell to the ground an on looker from across the way watched as everyone became such chaotic a scene within seconds everyone was scrambling hot glue oozing left dropt on a table cash drawer left open to the register as everyoneContinue reading “Life As An Emerengency Volunteer”

Today Is Not My Day; Today Death Will Not Take Me

 Take this fear from my hand Make this pain leave my mind and side May the thought of Cancer leave my mind free and jubilated.    Nothing is real until I have been told by my doctor at the office Let this evil leave my side and the good fill me at me at my sidesContinue reading “Today Is Not My Day; Today Death Will Not Take Me”