The Good Old Days Of The Nineteen Ninties

Remembering the good old days

when we could play in the streets

stay out till nine catching fireflies

hang outside under a tree

painting or drawing till evening day break

when you didn’t need parent’s at your side

you were trusted to open your front door and come in at nine

those were the good old days of fun and play

when Saturday morning cartoons were the best cartoons on

Times have changed so drastically since Ninteen-ninty nine

Now you have to keep the doors and windows locked and stay everywhere by your child’s side

You can’t stay outside playing in the streets like we did as kids.

Where’s the freedom and reality gone

from 1999-2015 it’s gone to the dogs

You always have to know what’s going on

kids are no longer free to live and and have fun as we did once

what happened to live long and prosper

trust and rely

a different age

a unknown new world we live and die

unfamiliar, not how we were raised brought up on

He-man, Shira, The beast master

Reading rainbow, and much more fun learning and interactive good shows

What’s life got now

My honest thought is a lot more trash

defiantly not Punky Brewster,


Care bears

or learning good morals health smart brain foods

and healthy meals

This time we live is such busy stress and no family time in so many families around the world

I miss the days of the nineteen nineties

Those alone were the good old days.

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