Stop Bullying Me And My Family

I try to stay focused on positive thinking happy thoughts

yet watch my life wasting away

Night after night someone very sick or hurt

public places questioning me and threatening me like I’m mad, bad or crazy

When all I am doing is remaining the best single parent I can be

a mom of four, one not with me

I try each day to make ends meet and be sure the kids are always looking proper, nice and neat

yet each day I drop the kids at school to hear nothing but complaints of the staff and teachers are bullying me and don’t believe

Don’t they see that I MOM takes care of her three

Don’t they see the frustration of the way that life is and has been treating me

yet all the tears and love pouring out to protect the kids from understanding and seeing

Don’t they see that I am doing al that I can to change this reality

Don’t turn on the kids and bully them or me because you are blind to see the true realities of what is really happening and taking place

DAMN!! They act as if this single mom of three is a criminal and is stalking her pray to bring back and feed the starving fierce monsters inside

Like we’re a starving pack of wolves circled close around in time to make an attack REALLY!!! insane

Being a single mom is not easy as itself

then to add drama… REALLY?

I am human

I do feel

I can hide and be a hermit if I wanted to

I can walk away and free myself

yet instead I stay and fight to be there for my family and protect my kids

Can you not see that keeping them safe and happy is all that is in me

Stop bullying me and definitely stop the child bullying with my children

you are staff of a school

you are here to plan kids futures and teach and help learn

Do your right jobs and STOP trying to find faults in me and my family and trying to make me out to be a monster I am not,

never have been, and never expect to be It’s never been me I couldn’t even hurt a fly if I even try.

I am only doing what I can to help provide as a decent mom SHOULD.

I am fighting rights to live and survive

I am being strong even thru all you are giving me as well as a life of too much medical hell as well

Is this not a free country

what happened to freedom of speech

Go reach out and condemn those who deserve your bully

the real criminals

the real no goods low life’s


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