Sit And Watch Your Life Fade To Fate

When you feel bogged down as if your life has been pulled beneath the ground

like you’ve been swallowed whole and no one was around to watch the view

Like a train is running over top of you and the tracks alone

when nothing is going right and it’s pulling you down with nowhere to run

When your daily routine has become so hectic that it fills your eyes with tears you cry

your head begins to spin with time

your heart sends you into panics and you get so overwhelmed that you can’t think straight

you begin to shake

you begin to sway

you watch as you see in and out of life’s fades

Knees start to wabble

and you watch in awe as hue around you begins to change as well

You feel like running yet have no way to get away

always praying that tomorrow brings a better day.

while nothing around you is going your way

you have consequences that you need to make

You need things to happen that you have no choice in them

as you sit there and watch the life you knew fade away

Unable to choose or change a thing you sit and watch your life fade to fate

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