I Said A Thousand Prayers For You Today

I said a thousand prayers for you today

with tears in m heart and eyes

I asked that you would be safe and remain alright

I asked that all your family be closely protected and supportive

that you see a gleem of hope begin to draw you pictures again

I recited all the memories I could

to help you spark a drifting light

Each memory recalled brining another smile upon my face

I said a thousand prayers for you today

each prayer being said one by one

I know my praying is still not yet done

each day I live

I shall continue to say a thousand and two more each day

I know Christ Jesus will find you a brand new pathway

Each hope that each memory I awake may awaken your memory again

My prayers will not end here even though this poem soon may end though

Awaken from this sleep your brain is in

It’s ok if not I will always remain next to you by your side.

It’s our chance to create a second life

Bring some heart into this and leave the first in the past

to build upon a second brand new chance in the present we are in now ahead

Cross the line and lets face this thing together and se what we can figure and peruse

Lets begin to build and create this brand new you

give this time

let yourself begin to shine again

It’s all about you

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