The Good Old Days Of The Nineteen Ninties

Remembering the good old days when we could play in the streets stay out till nine catching fireflies hang outside under a tree painting or drawing till evening day break when you didn’t need parent’s at your side you were trusted to open your front door and come in at nine those were the goodContinue reading “The Good Old Days Of The Nineteen Ninties”

Stop Bullying Me And My Family

I try to stay focused on positive thinking happy thoughts yet watch my life wasting away Night after night someone very sick or hurt public places questioning me and threatening me like I’m mad, bad or crazy When all I am doing is remaining the best single parent I can be a mom of four,Continue reading “Stop Bullying Me And My Family”

Sit And Watch Your Life Fade To Fate

When you feel bogged down as if your life has been pulled beneath the ground like you’ve been swallowed whole and no one was around to watch the view Like a train is running over top of you and the tracks alone when nothing is going right and it’s pulling you down with nowhere toContinue reading “Sit And Watch Your Life Fade To Fate”

I Said A Thousand Prayers For You Today

I said a thousand prayers for you today with tears in m heart and eyes I asked that you would be safe and remain alright I asked that all your family be closely protected and supportive that you see a gleem of hope begin to draw you pictures again I recited all the memories IContinue reading “I Said A Thousand Prayers For You Today”