A Twinkle In Your Eye

I see you just the way you always were

yet realize you may never return to what you once were

yet in the masked man I see still see you beneath the frozen memories

I still see the sparkle and twinkle in your eyes gleaming a dreamy flicker of hope and light

I know right now things don’t seem right and I now you don’t seem the same and you feel it too

However I still see the twinkles I saw once before

I know right now things will be alright

Your tough and a healthy fighter

you can see thru where others can not even imagine

I know that twinkle will hold you down and help you be strong

If I am found wrong then I’ll say it all the way home there once was a day I was wrong

I have faith

I know things are different right now

however I am hanging on strong with hope for a brand new tomorrow

Glad it be just  memory

it could have been your life taken away

You will grow strong from this and wander far

you’ve been given a second chance to open life a new door

I still see a gleam and twinkle in our eye that gives enough hope and faith to me to believe

Published by

J. Palmer

Living under the wings of God and the angels around me keeping me going and safe. Sharing the love of Christ.

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