Love Is Gone

Love is gone

Dreams vanished never real

Hearts ripped apart at the seams

My soul empty more pain once again

Fifteen years amongst the drains

A Love lost and blown away with the wind of unknown fates

Only God can heal this wound that has been made

Shattered spirits, shattered hearts, dreams fallen and drifted apart

the simple life leaving left behind falling from love that once was ours

Fallen in time by what once was mine

Don’t know if it will ever be the same again

a simple love so safe and true

a trust once bound from one in self to that of now two hearts bound

by threads of spiritual and physical bonds created and bonded by strong threads intended to keep one safe

to build foundations and bridges strong

so as they will never come down

Hearts shattered and torn amongst this new pain

where did this crevasse lye when all seals where all edges were strongly sealed and bonded in pure love

Where has this all gone wrong

no memories or stories left for us to feel proud and keep to tell

Downing in despairs that this was never real

knowing that it’s only my feelings boiling the truth down

Tears falling as my days faced fade apart

each piece breaking so ice cold like

Ice glaciers freezing over beneath the waves of time

Keep this ones soul safe bring in no harm

All promises made I shall still remain true trying to be strong and keep

Keep this child unharmed as well

may se be strong throughout every journey of each of life’s doors

My heart is saddened y this breaking news

it’s like a single fuse awaiting and willing to blow

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