Thank You My Faithful Readers

Twenty-fourteen left in the dust

readers still reading throughout all my many years of these posts.

Twenty-fifteen still a journey being born

The man I love becoming fourteen years of whispers in the wind

possibly becoming two more broken hearts

history once again repeating itself

yet throughout all these posts I’ve seen rays of lights open at times

a spark touching someone deep within their hearts

as matter of fact it was alive tonight

Some stranger or maybe just a search engine I really don’t know

all I know is I was browsing and saw someone’s writing about my own wordpress site

read it thru and it was so accurate that it mad me choke up

and cry


and my first tears begin

Thank you to all my faithful readers for all your supports

for all your love and strength each year to keep myself posting each year

Thank you for being faithful and true

thank you for remaining you

Whomever or whatever wrote those words

I don’t know you but thank you for doing so

thank you for letting me see that my journeys are really being heard

and even more so thank you for summing up my paths in focus of what was still not even seen even by me

thank you for making me see my left out understandings of my own realities

making me see what was meant for me

thank you for becoming my faithful readers please continue to travel with me

thank you for making me still believe

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