Trust & Time

I open all my deep secrets up to you in trust that you are safe and will protect me. Though deep within fear still builds that you still may hurt or betray me. I’ve relyed on a years long friendship with you and have begun to hold many different  feelings within my heart for you. Yet the flames still come out real at times that I may one day feel and face some pain. I’m scared beyond belief. I know that I shouldn’t be. However this fear is there and real also I know history can repeat as well. I know that you may not always understand but this will take time. I know that you believe in me and think I am a strong women as do I. However that doesn’t quiet my fears. I am always open, honest and try with everyone especially you, but you just don’t understand. This will take trust and time to fully mend.

One thought on “Trust & Time

  1. The fear is always going to be there to some extent for the both of us. Time and distance have tested our bond to the extreme. We both need time to heal and mend. A true bond can never been broken no matter what tries to force it apart I am here just as I’ve always been.

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