Don’t Punish Me

Don’t punish me for me and you. You really know my heart lyes true.

though my journey has become life’s biggest mistorry, a revolving door I can not see thru.

a feeling u compfortable and so unsure unfamiliar and lost with each step ahead.

Something I no longer currently feel safe something lost feels different and unsafe

dont punish me for your insecurities ive tried all along to explain my pain, my fear in my mind

not just to walk away and leave you behind with each step I take putting others thoughts and feelings before mine.

i don’t hate you see just don’t punish me for you and me

in time I had tried again and again to make you see failing myself in the midst of the emotional sea.

Right now all I can say is I’m sorry

i just need time to mend this pain inside

One thought on “Don’t Punish Me

  1. I hope within time you see and feel what has always been a love that can’t be broken by anyone or anything, Yes that love has been tested but it also has gotten passed the hard times. No love love is perfect but the willingness not to give up on that love through the bad times will make it even stronger than before. I know your hurting and you need time to heal. i bow my head in prayer for you my dear that your heart will be mended and the love be restored. If you need you know were to find me.

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