Is This Love Real Forever And True, Do You Believe? I Do.

You were all my dreams and hopes to go on to survive yet somehow we got lost in the paths of life’s crazy journeys

Each night i’d smile in my bed feeling safe with you on the other side of the line even with such distance between us cause you promised me your life and I believed

without ever a doubt I continued climbing higher yet

feeling one day you’d finally be safe in my arms holding me forever tight

now I sit and wonder unsure if it al will ever be real a so much is falling down around us as if to close and lock every open door

Tears build within my eyes still frail from all the chaos before

as I still form hope around me but fear builds up as well

my dreams not seeming so brisk and real anymore

as I am unsure what all I still know

you promised me protection, love and a future to build up a even wall

yet the wall feels like it’s crumbling down before I ever build it high enough even so

dreams feel like they are fading and collapsing with every breath I take

I’m sure it’ all just my inner feelings twisting with my own life but it still feels so dark that I can’t visually see but a tunnel with a dim tiny light

Tears flood my face as I don’t know where to follow the leads

love holds true within me in hopes it’s all just my negativity within every bit of me

I know inside I love

I know I care deep

I know you man my everything

I just am afraid to believe

silence fills this once golden air

where it seems to be crashing down

yet the pounding of my heart continues beating telling me halt and slow down

I know soon light will shine thru and find my way to you once more

but is this love true

will we face futures and forever continued on once more

Is this love real, forever and true

do you believe

do I believe

I do

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