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In Minds Eye, I Lost My Mind

In Minds Eye I Lost My Mind (The Song)

Angel Takes Flight

Tears dropping down my face like bead towards the ground. My heart aching as my chest screams out. A black cloud of evil hangs over my life. Wings on my back overused have worn out. I’ve gone mad, I’ve lost my mind.  Nothing I do in this secular world is good eneough or satisfied.  Broken hearts all the time no more words said. My life just a story without details slowly being made. A picture in a book that can’t be seen.

Here i am the one who has to try to survive while my mind is gone and racing. I’ve lost my mind. Stand me up tall. Make me know my paths,my roots, my story that I see no endings with.  Waisting my time,my day,my life, my mind is just not what I had on my mind of what mind I claim and have left.It lays in minds…

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A Living Dream

Tears welding up my face as my eyes begin to swell and droplets begin to stain upon my pillow case. Realizing what has never felt real but the love of itself. May finally be comeing to an end as I had once long ago feared. Never seeing eye to eye as we once had tears streaming within my lids and disease working against me hand in hand all coming into one. The moment may just finally be here. A dream that once again has never left my brain. A dream that once again has never become followed more than miere thought and ryme in time. Never seen the future,  a story or memory to hold not even a hello shouting out bold. Now that time has been rubbed aside. Pushed behind as of to hide. As if never meant for the etermity. The key locked away in the bliss of delays and play. Tears flowing down my face now like a river or stream frolicing between the valleys and meandering. Seems it’s all a living dream.

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Depression Is Being Without You

You lift me up. You throw me down.  You move me round and round by strings. You lift me high you hold me low. You take me places I don’t want to be or go. You make me laugh, you make me cry. You make the tears shead from my eyes. I do all I can yet you still hold me low. You think stooping down low is where I belong. You’ve broke my heart and made me cry. You’ve  mended wounds left from before only to create new wounds once more.  The pain burning again inside. Again the stomach boiling over and boiling out. Things I eat again not staying down. Feeling nausious and anzy at all I do. As I just sit her thinking only about you.  Depression is being without you.

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