A Precious Tiny Star

Star star wherever you are

I wish there were one wish I could wish upon you. 

Star so bright shining throughout the night

I wish you could brighten my path and shine out a bright light

Star you just dont know how beautiful you are.

Making night fullfilled and the days even out.

you make the world more beautiful then ever before in every way

More beautiful then ever you’d know. 

Just by being a precious tiny star.

My Whistle and Whisper In Life

You can try and try to tear me down inside. Building me with fear inside. However I won’t allow fear to pull me down. Tears streaming within my eyes and down my face. I dont care. I won’t let you hold me down. You try and try but our time is done.I will hold my head up high and smile and grin at everything. You will not pull me down. Im holding strong with my soul burning flames inside yet I will not run and hide. I will stay focused and alive. Keeping up full and high. This is just my whistle and whisper in my life.

Celebration Day

Today’s your day
your world
your celebration
yet still here I sit alone
in awe and wonder
shall you be okay
as you lay in the the hospital fighting your own life
Time with myself to sit and ponder
when I should be in your arms to celebrate
Your day of celebration
yet your too sick to even think of a day of fun with everyone
missing you I sit here worrying
as your birthday just passes you by at
my side instead
wondering will we see tomorrow
Will you see another day and survive
will our love withstand this and pull us through this sickness that has you in critical care instead

To be a special day multiplied by three would be an awesome gift I could keep for thee but not a gift I’d want to think of still except to accept have a final anniversary with you. However the fear is face to face and so home and near that this tale tell could very well come true. HOPES building not and that it’s just another mole hill instead but this is aboit the best I had to be said under such tremendous stress.
I love you.
Happy Birthday.