In Minds Eye, I Lost My Mind

Tears dropping down my face like bead towards the ground. My heart aching as my chest screams out. A black cloud of evil hangs over my life. Wings on my back overused have worn out. I’ve gone mad, I’ve lost my mind.  Nothing I do in this secular world is good eneough or satisfied.  Broken hearts all the time no more words said. My life just a story without details slowly being made. A picture in a book that can’t be seen.

Here i am the one who has to try to survive while my mind is gone and racing. I’ve lost my mind. Stand me up tall. Make me know my paths,my roots, my story that I see no endings with.  Waisting my time,my day,my life, my mind is just not what I had on my mind of what mind I claim and have left.It lays in minds eye. I’ve lost my mind.

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