Silence Is Simple

In the silence of simple I await each day to speak to him and call on him and just to know he is safe. Not ever rushing and stamping out the front door. Just a simple silence is all I see. Missing him I wish there were so much more to be said or read but what i get is just a simple silence. A quiet blend in life just enough to get inside,not alot which can overwhelm easy. Yet in the silence of simple I can still get lost in the sence of  feeling not good enough and left aside. It is then that I want to run and hide. Sometimes silence of simple is too little,yet sometimes it can be much as well. Silence is simple, and simple is silent. Sometimes we need to just let go. 


In Minds Eye, I Lost My Mind

Tears dropping down my face like bead towards the ground. My heart aching as my chest screams out. A black cloud of evil hangs over my life. Wings on my back overused have worn out. I’ve gone mad, I’ve lost my mind.  Nothing I do in this secular world is good eneough or satisfied.  Broken hearts all the time no more words said. My life just a story without details slowly being made. A picture in a book that can’t be seen.

Here i am the one who has to try to survive while my mind is gone and racing. I’ve lost my mind. Stand me up tall. Make me know my paths,my roots, my story that I see no endings with.  Waisting my time,my day,my life, my mind is just not what I had on my mind of what mind I claim and have left.It lays in minds eye. I’ve lost my mind.
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My Future Unreal and Unseen

Tightening up my rein. I stay as tears fill my eyes.  Don’t they see that I am doing all that is fully within me. My heart may be fully loaded and have all enough to go and spread out anywhere. However my heart has been ripped and torn in many a way throughout my past out years. I am doing all I can set within me currently.  Don’t they see that this is me.

I’m not a hard out party person putting my life in behind me. This is me. This is what I live for each and everyday.

New things lay upon my plate. A man I like I have to rely on trust in truth for I can not see because he lives not near and too far away.

I believe in my heart but not too sure with my self securities.  Putting myself down and negative and hard on me is what I usually see. Yet a possitive person is really me.

Just harder on myself is where I remain weak.

I hope and pray for a true helpful lead in life that I may see the unseen which I feel shall never become a part of me. My future always seeming unreal and unseen.  A feeling as if it shall never be.