Love Bestowed, No Future Ahead

Love bestowed Shot down in the lend of her hand Given to him by the pure heart and her soul Honesty put first laying it all out before the love was given For all to see within first step

Love bestowed

Shot down by word of the known past put out and future shot down A heart broken and torn looking for a mending thread to pull her back up Every door mystery closed and turned into history sometimes not to ne looked at anymore A heart simple yet fraile and fragile Believing that it will soon shatter That one day her future not being fulfilled That finding true love is just another story written within another book that may never be printed That it’s another fairtail that just won’t come true Love bestowed Shot down and unknown Her world lost as she sees no future ahead as she had once dreamed big Closing her eyes she hide deep behind Singles tears dripping from her honest eyes full of pain Given it all she’s got holding on tight like never before
She cried into her hands
Love forgotten once again
Loosing hope and her secuity within herself as well