Life Forever We Will Be

Life without you I can not face

Hidden in the shadows I have tried to deplace

I hold hope wothin dreams that you will once be real to me

I believe I soon shall find you bringing you into my realities

But you have me drifting so far not knowing even if your near

I feel you as if you were here

I can’t face my days without you

I know we shall once be

Yet waiting this long without you by me 

It has a women cringing at the knees of faite

I believe in you even of I can not truly see

I know that one day soon you will find me in my missory and set me to be free

I know I will find you and you shall find me.

I believe in faite and eternity. 

True love will find its way and will bring forever simply to you and to me. 
That we can live forever and happy as our dreams desire

I can’t face my days without you

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