Everything Has Changed

Everything has changed
In the blink of an eye
You looked beyond what my eye sees
You overlook what is coming still ahead of me
In the blink you begin to mend my shattered dreams
Torn by words and what I see

Everything has changed
Nothing is or will be the same again
I try and try but I can not erase what is already there in the midst of my eyes

Being told everything will be okay
When no one knows exactly what is going on
When no one really even understands what it is exactly I go thru but I

Everything has changed
Everything has changed and nothing will ever be the same again
Things are now progressing into the end it may seem

My Days To Life

Lightening flashed across the sky.
Thunder clashed breaking the silence of the night.
Rain punded like the sounds of drums in the darkness of the evening breeze.
Then you fell out of the sky like an angel from above.
Feathers begin to float down like a growing dove.

Your eyes so romantic and passion filled.
Your hair like silk
The scent that could attract anyone near by like the scent of midnight rain.

You make my heart beat beat
You make my blood go boom boom within my veins.

You have become everything that I could ever ask for
Everything from out within my very own dreams.
You have bring all my nights and days to life.

Nothing Can Come Between

You swept me off my feet
back in nineteen-ninty nine
Never words of sorrow never trails of being left behind or followed
You stood there by my side
No arguments said

Today we have memories as we are now just only friends.
No regrets

I felt it all again when I found my new forever man
A man I know will stand by me once again.

I stood in shock
My knees began to knock
He has made me the happiest I could ever ask

Though I miss some things
Other things I may not understand
Trust is built inside
With nothing I feel that I have to hide again.
Together we complete us and nothing can come in between  

Love Never Fades Or Dies

Love never dies
Sometimes it hides tucked away deep inside
Pushed back away by scars and wounds hindering still deep within our lives
Yet the love binds us deep inside even with standing all given times
Even when we begin to try to move on ahead in life our love tugs and yanks at us pulling us back again were our strongest grip and hold binds us not to let go.
Even stress can’t always make our love die
In time it only sometimes makes us think we need to run away and hide just like the wounds and scars others have left behind
Holding tight to grip and embrassed and inter twined wrapped up in love is where we are to stay together in eachs arms to live a long health filled life
Together where we feel as one
Where we know we feel safe
Our love never dies
Sometimes it just takes lost roots or paths or runs down and hides inside
Like a turtle in a shell it locks deep wothin a hole to get away from the pain and scars inside
Yet it still even then will never fade or die
Love never fades or dies