The Story Of The Day At The Grand Ol’ Opry

I can’t help but sit here and think of the time that I had my one chance at going to the Grand Ol’ Opry
I had no idea at the time how old and how well known this one building was then. But with much of my life torn beneath my feet in life as it is now.
I always replay the Grand Ol’ Opry day in my head again and again. It was just like any other performance held there that day and what happened would have been nothing but ridiculous and stupid to everyone around that day. But in our family it was a day our family will always replay and replay because even though what happened was so stupid that day. In our family it was hysterical in every stupid yet funny way. You see my mom was never keen on being funny or having much of a sense of humor. Yet the performance that day just totally blew her away and amongst thousands of people around that very day in the grand ol’ Opry during the middle of just any known performance it just happened to be this one this very day. One not so hilarious funny soul…. my mom jumps from her seat in that big fully packed sold out theatre that day jumping up onto her feet raises her arm into the mix of the crowds and screams as loud as her not so loud voice would carry saying YeeeeeeHAWWW and like to not even embarrassed herself this made our entire family there that day laugh like never else before at and with her as those who knew my mom knew there wasn’t much of a sense of humor or even a funny bone within her body. That was our most fun and funniest day ever. So amongst all the clutter within my life now I can’t help but to stray away from my stress and back to this very odd day there at the Grand Ol’ Opry just to have just one very giggle brought back from history and time within this very past life of mom yelling yeeehawww amongst all the crowd of people there at the Grand Ol’ Opry.
It wasn’t much but it was an opening step for her as she also stayed subtle and pulled back as she wasn’t very social with herself either so she came out of her very own turtle shell that day. This is one memory that to this day still continues to bring a simple smile to my face even when she isn’t here and it’s what I have left of her now today.

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