First Donation Fund Today with Jennifer Palmer and Jen Palmer (2 photos)   Sarah Age 7 Has Von Willie Brands Disease, and is possibly going to end up leaglely blind. She is currently having health complications right now and needs surgery to fix a small issue in a life filled of life long issues. WeContinue reading “Sarahsjourny”

The Story Of The Day At The Grand Ol’ Opry

I can’t help but sit here and think of the time that I had my one chance at going to the Grand Ol’ Opry I had no idea at the time how old and how well known this one building was then. But with much of my life torn beneath my feet in life asContinue reading “The Story Of The Day At The Grand Ol’ Opry”

The Bunny Dance

Tap tap tapping Hop hop hopping Thump thump thumping Goes a bunnies feet A little nose wriggles A little tail jiggles Then a tap tap tap again goes the thump thump beats A jiggle of the nose A wiggle of the tails A hop hop hop And the bunnies do their dance A look intoContinue reading “The Bunny Dance”