A Heart, Hope, And Faith

There used to be a day when you’d sit back listening to the song of the sea. Each day we talked it would just be you and me, the sounds of clashing sands and sea breezes. Youd sit there each day telling me about the sights and sounds of what is happening with each wave and telling me. Now your letting yourself drown in your own depression and health as if giving up on life and me. What about Abby…. she needs her daddy. You need to fight this off and beat this thing. You need to gutt it out and believe.  You can do this for you, Abby and our love between you and me. Life still needs you. We still need you. You still have alot ahead of us to do and finish before your time with us is done. I am not giving up on hope that there is still time.  It’s what me and the family still believe.  Have heart, hope and faith and believe in me.

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