Only Requests

With the kiss he lay upon my head a tear never seized to fall. His voice whispers in silence into my very ears. As if he were here with me. I never asked for much from him as if he were not given anything. Yet given all his love absorbed from his very life. He has been in my everthing. I didnt. He his and love relinquished all. I’m living in hope for another day as his hours are yet unknown. I pray that won’t be his last breath he takes. If it shall I’ll let him go with a sweet release but so very yet much unhappily. One last kiss and let him rest. Just to cuddle him is what would be my only request. Yet lord you decide. That is not my call to decide. Just if you shall take him forevermore. Let him go knowing how I loved him so. Let his heart beat forever and be teeasured throughout life. If he shall be called by you you to go from this life. My prayer to choose to stay is all I ask if could be. However it is not my call to make just my own plee. As I want nothing more but for him to stay with me. So I lay one last kiss on his head with hopes of miracles to take place for me. In hopes that you hear and know the only requests that I have made to be.

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