The Innocence Inside

The black outlining of her eyes
Peers thru holding no disguise
Her red hood held high over her head
For all around hidden from seeing her tear filled eyes

The eye liner running down her tear struck face
Not even a spray of pepper spray or mace could be blame for the tears which fell on that dreaded day

Her eyes so flooded and pouring out not even the wipe of her hand could mend the burning pain brought out from all the tears that she cried

Her energy low and skin pale as snow
Her day crumbled and left failing of all the love and trust she had ever known before

As an on looker passed her by he held out his hand for her to come out to safety and forget time

Yet not even a friendly gesture would ever take claim on her now.
She gave her life for all her sin and born her child toregain it all fresh over again.

To get new life; a forbidden dream
A new journey all of her own

Smears stain her cheeks as all day she had cried and cried
She knows how hard her life had claimed. However now is the time she now has to have faith and believe.

Drawn nearer to her heart she faces dreams within.
May her futures build and all dust feom the past blow away to the end
While present takes over to help her rebuild and build strong

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