A Heart, Hope, And Faith

There used to be a day when you’d sit back listening to the song of the sea. Each day we talked it would just be you and me, the sounds of clashing sands and sea breezes. Youd sit there each day telling me about the sights and sounds of what is happening with each wave and telling me. Now your letting yourself drown in your own depression and health as if giving up on life and me. What about Abby…. she needs her daddy. You need to fight this off and beat this thing. You need to gutt it out and believe.  You can do this for you, Abby and our love between you and me. Life still needs you. We still need you. You still have alot ahead of us to do and finish before your time with us is done. I am not giving up on hope that there is still time.  It’s what me and the family still believe.  Have heart, hope and faith and believe in me.

Building A Family.. Dreams To Be

These tears that fall I can not emphasize the pain that is tearing me apart in time left within my hands. Time is essance and yet not enough. My heart is bursting in immense with misunderstood inner hearts drain. A little girl who needs her father amore as ever before. A women whom holds the heart of a man who only she alone knows true. Holding on to the only key that he had given to me. Knowing true hope lasts forever in throughout eternity. Dreams upon dreams is all she she sees.  A new family to build with thee that is unfinished plans of you and me. It’s time to come home and make better our days.get better and well so dream one can finally come to be.

Only Requests

With the kiss he lay upon my head a tear never seized to fall. His voice whispers in silence into my very ears. As if he were here with me. I never asked for much from him as if he were not given anything. Yet given all his love absorbed from his very life. He has been in my everthing. I didnt. He his and love relinquished all. I’m living in hope for another day as his hours are yet unknown. I pray that won’t be his last breath he takes. If it shall I’ll let him go with a sweet release but so very yet much unhappily. One last kiss and let him rest. Just to cuddle him is what would be my only request. Yet lord you decide. That is not my call to decide. Just if you shall take him forevermore. Let him go knowing how I loved him so. Let his heart beat forever and be teeasured throughout life. If he shall be called by you you to go from this life. My prayer to choose to stay is all I ask if could be. However it is not my call to make just my own plee. As I want nothing more but for him to stay with me. So I lay one last kiss on his head with hopes of miracles to take place for me. In hopes that you hear and know the only requests that I have made to be.

If I Could I Would

If I could walk a thousand miles just to sit down next to you
If I could buy a truck to haul me there
If I could take a train or run a race to show up by your door
To make it big and make a win to be by your side
If I could buy a ticket and fly your way to show up at the door

If I could say I love you in every language that there was, I would
I don’t care as long as I could spend my all with you.

If I could…
If I could….
If I could I would…

Loosing my mind and going in saine with that life
I trip and fall and make my way to try to save ua all

If I could
You know I would
Giving you my everthing thay I ever dreamed

The Innocence Inside

The black outlining of her eyes
Peers thru holding no disguise
Her red hood held high over her head
For all around hidden from seeing her tear filled eyes

The eye liner running down her tear struck face
Not even a spray of pepper spray or mace could be blame for the tears which fell on that dreaded day

Her eyes so flooded and pouring out not even the wipe of her hand could mend the burning pain brought out from all the tears that she cried

Her energy low and skin pale as snow
Her day crumbled and left failing of all the love and trust she had ever known before

As an on looker passed her by he held out his hand for her to come out to safety and forget time

Yet not even a friendly gesture would ever take claim on her now.
She gave her life for all her sin and born her child toregain it all fresh over again.

To get new life; a forbidden dream
A new journey all of her own

Smears stain her cheeks as all day she had cried and cried
She knows how hard her life had claimed. However now is the time she now has to have faith and believe.

Drawn nearer to her heart she faces dreams within.
May her futures build and all dust feom the past blow away to the end
While present takes over to help her rebuild and build strong