The Coming New Year, Happy New Year

Today is a day of celebrations and resolutions yet I try remaining festive and focused but the feeling is just not there
Its feeling of no coming change and feelings of negativity inside.
This is not the way that I should feel in the begining of the newyear and an end of another year
I know that I should be happy but I just don’t feel any tonight. I know to think smart. I know this soon shall pass too.
However seeing all the happy festivity around is bringing more tears into my eyes it’s only making me fall deeper into the crevasis of dark. Saying goodbye to 2012, and opening the doors to 2013 is just not giving me much hope. I am obviously feeling overwhelmed but that comes with this time of the year. It will soon slow down a bit and I am sure that it will get better too. However that doesn’t change my feelings now. I honestly can’t wait for life to go slow. Looking for the hope and settle into the coming new year. Happy New Year Everyone.

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