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Twenty Thirteen – I Need You Here

Crying sitting on the stairwell
Wishing that I could run away
to be with you…
by your side….
Holding you in my arms
Hand in hand
Arms around you holding you tight
Not to fight this battle alone with you is where I belong

To stay by your side
helping you to fight this fight
Is where I really want to be
With you, and you here with me.

Looking into your eyes with tears filling mine….I don’t care just as long as I am with you here

Helping you get well and me on my vwry own too
With you is really where I belong


Holding yiu so tight for you to battle and win this fight

Making you win and not battle Anymore
Never to take or loose your hand.
Been fighting this for five yeaea.
Not to loose you.

To truly give my life for you to live
If only I had the choice
If life for us meant spending each day together in the hospital to be able to keep you safe and me by your side i’d be okay with thag to be sure that you stay safe and I can be with you as you are mine

This was not what I had invisioned for Twenty Thirteen in anyway
I only looked forward to the hapiness of the big coming day to soon set away
looking forward to becoming a happy family indeed

Being with you forever was once my dream
But it had always remained a distant reality

Something I had set as a goal in my life to finally find and be with my special dream guy

You were all I ever talked about shared photos of and kissed every shot I had just to get that chance throughout fate

Hoping for magic to find it’s way
I never saw this coming with you fighting to survive and chancing being taken away.

this is not how I had planned twenty thirteen to begin our future reality, our dreams
We all were so happy
We had everything all layed out and planned down patent

I miss talking to you everynight
I miss you being goofy with me even when I am most pissed or upset

I miss you telling me everything will be alright when I am overwhelmed or stressed inside

I miss you telling me all about Abby and all else going on that I have missed along the way.

I miss that goofy smile always brightening up my day
I need you here to be by my side
Day by day and everynight

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Seth’s Blog: Possession aggression

Seth's Blog: Possession aggression.

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Life’s Edge

You say things I have told you are in my thoughts yet you pound them into my soul and head with pain within my heart. I’ve shared me secrets and my dreams. Makeing them a tear upon my eyes.
I explain my reasons and my feelings expecting to wait and have hope in me.
However you turn your cheeks the other way and shun my life and who I am turning away and running from me. Where has the ignorances come from my lofe has been a dream away from me and left it rambled in contastrophy. Is my dream relationship and of marriage ever gonna come to be as I am said to clean me out and up at life’s last edge.
Each time at life’s new begining comes to be a great big failed end. Now nothing more to shine in beauty.

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Another Year Gained

We’ve reached another special day today and eventhough your not here your name has still reached and holds a new era.
Another year gained and another year older you’ve became. Now at age 13 soon would have been age 14 and your name still and forever will always hold special meaning. Happy Birthday Katrina!! Each year ahead holding out new mystery.

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Didn’t We Almost Have It All

I sit in this wild loud room with many different thoughts and dofferent conversations going on in every direction of the room. Not one more standing out then the other.
Noise levels raising and falling like heavy drops of rain
As I sit here listening not rwally ease dropping on one one subject or another just listening to what people are saying
In the other ear the studio music plays “Didn’t we almost have it all”
Just taking all around me in is making me really realize how different this world has become and how so many things have just changed over the years.
When the world almost had it all in life in a time when you were safe. In a time when you could put yoir trust in all around and almost everything and anyone was known to be good.
Now looking back and seeing all the evil and shame which has over taken humanity and earths name. With violence and guns involved somehow in almost everything makes me see how I realize I can see them saying Didn’t we almost have it all? When the world was once a better place? When life was once something to look forward to and once something worth living.
Didn’t we almost have it all, but then in a sudden moment all that and everything was taken away as if swiped from beneath our various sized feet. Now I see what the world has become today and I say didn’t we almost have it all couldn’t we be doing a better thing? Looking forward to Sunday on the coming on the thirteenth they have a national subway thing for a special subway event where everyone rides the subways with “No pants Sunday” or how about the event seen in Philly “Nude Bike Day” and this is excepted okay by many of the world around. Honestly. I gotta ask what has this nation, government, and world come to? Didn’t we almost have it all? Living in this world today has just become unsafe and pure crazy.




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Happy Thursday All


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Haha… I just wrote one like this two nights ago too. 🙂 Don’t go looking though because I haven’t gotten it posted yet. Lol. Nice Job. 🙂


If I were the sun

And if you were the moon

Two objects far apart

But connected at the soul



Twirling silently

Eyes locked

Arms outstretched

Yet never quite touching hands

If I were the sun

And you the moon

I would give my entire universe

All the stars in my sky

For just one moment

For a brief second to be held in your arms…


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