Hold My Anchors Down

One grey dreary morning
Silent as the night
The breeze blowing across your face as clouds float by
The waves crash like thunder upon the drifting boat that is carrying me.
I am a ship lost at sea
Unsure if which direction I take
My life I follow unbound
At anytime I could just begin to drowned
Following no real turns
Following no maps
Following no direction in life
Just living as I drift
Doing best I can with one ore pulling me by
Yet even the best I get doesn’t pull along smooth
The best I can which is working for me is not at all working for our economy
What do you want from me
Do you not understand I am throwing out all my anchors I have
I am giving all that I have got to make all ends meet safe
I am giving out my everything that I can to keeps these waters from taking me down
If the best is not best then what is it that you expect.
I shall never give any less to help my children and I to survive
That would take everything away from what everyone wants for them
That would be effortless and too easy and not the way meant for safety
Sorry economy but I do not agree
I will not rip my family of what effort I can already put out to survive and protect what is rightfully my own.
You can makes the as rough as youd like and try to tear me down; however you shall not break my ore and crumble me down
I shall ride this rough see for as long as I can until it shall kill me
No matyer how hard you try to sink and drown me I by my will shall continue to float high.
Eventually in God’s due time I will find my path along the way that will lead me and guide me in the direction that I am meant to take
So I will continue to stand my ground and hold my achors down
You economy
You of the world
You of the secular realm
You will not break me down no matter how hard you try.

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