The Day Fear Moved In

The day was grey not of any like the rest
Yoy could hear nothing more than a subtle silence
Chills ran throughout your spine

As your skin and bones grow cold
Your toes continuing to wiggle and your fingers and hands started to tremble.
Throwing layers and layers of clothes on yourself trying so hard to stay warm but your body freezing, being taken over by fear.

The day itself begins growing greyer and more severe. The wind begins to grow strong.

Rain begins to tap on the rooftops. You feel your heart begin to pump at your chest, throbbing like as it were a broken swollen limb on your body.

You know that your blood should keep pumping keeping you warm. However with fear growing so fast and so strong it’s making your automatic heater shut down.

This grey day moving in is the beginning of the day that fear moved in.

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