Bring Saanvi Safely Home Please

As innocent as the day she were born

Her name Keeping her innocence alive

Her eyes light up every darkened crevice

Her life so silent and small, yet imagine it will you… so loved by all

her hands still so tiny to grasp and hold onto life itself

She’ll fight to hold on it’s written well inside of her book

Taken away from the princess life she was given

lost in a land she doesn’t even really know

too young for words to be said

too young and helpless to get up and run.

Where are you Saanvi

We miss you so

Oh Lord God, please someone let us know

How is this fair

No!! it’s not indeed

you know full well this is not the way of the life a Goddess should live

What is so wrong with this beauty you have seized so wrongly away

I see not what you but such a precious and beautiful baby

C’mon now how sick minded can you be, she is only a baby as once were you and me

Bright big beautiful eyes that speak spiritually without the words

Beautiful black hair to grow out long like that of her culture and land where she come

What has this baby done that we have not seen.

Nothing in our eyes…We still see none

All we see is a family and culture crying and dispaire as a grandmother was slain the day a baby disapears

Where is your mind if you think all of this is alright

This baby needs help and family to reunite


this child has done no wrong

she is innocent you see

she wants to just be brought home

You know nothing about this child that you have torn away from her most loving family

What if she is very sick, you don’t know her health or what she needs

you don’t even know her favorite things

Do you know her culture and how for ten months she’s been brought up and raised
Do you even know what It’s like to loose a child of your very own.
I do, not the way you have done but a loss of a child is not easy in any way done
Loosing your child, a love your closest best friend

I doubt, even that is a questionable thing.

Saanvi wants to be home with her mom and her dad

you are not them

you DON’T know just what she needs best

Look all around you all over the world

Yes Yes it is a small, small world my friend

look at all these countries, nations, states and yup even communities all around

hoping and praying that Saanvi  may return home safe and sound

look at this child how important she is to so many my friend

is this how you want to be remembered by letting everyone down and not bringing such a loved baby home

Your digging a hole so deep you’ll never get out

and what for…

for fame….

for a child you are unable to bare yourself
or are you just scared

what is the use

just bring her home please

You’ll regret all this once it’s over for sure

because you will be in more serious trouble and probably hated for life

for the life of a baby who is innocent and currently unsafe

You already took one life from the family

Saanvi’s grandmother…Isn’t that enough strife and heartache

bring home the child and let her behealthy and safe

Bring her home you have had her long enough now

bring her home where she is safe and sound at home
I am sure that this is not what you had imagined for the end to this story you’ve created. So why not end it now before the end in ends takes over

with her loving and only family

Bring Saanvi Safely Home Please

meaning of Saanvi: Goddess

3 thoughts on “Bring Saanvi Safely Home Please

  1. It’s really a cool and helpful piece of information. I’m happy that you just shared this helpful info with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Wow…Such an emotional request to the God. God Please bring Saanvi back to her parents. Please, please, please, please

    1. Thanks, Saanvi really touches my soul. I love and enjoy all kids, but Saanvi just draws me to her as if I were spiritually being called or summoned to find her. I feel her deeply on my soul. and have at times had dreams about her as if she were my very own. So when I wrote the poem, I wrote it straight from the heart in all honesty. I would hate to see yet another family loose a child. I have three living, but have lost one. So I am really praying and holding hope that Saanvi’s family will not have to suffer anymore and loose another. 🙂

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