What Could It Be

They say ask for what you need, talk out what is on your mind and bothering you from deep inside. Yet when you move your lips to speak what is on your heart,soul and mind speaking from Sep within. They say you’ve gone mad and it’s all a figment of your mind. That your head is playing with you from within. You know the truth however knowing that they all are wrong. You know what you have seen, you know what you have heard. Not fantasy of your mind at all. You know it all was real and exists. But what exists? What is it haunting this side of me? What could it be? What is inside with me? Why do they not believe me and only think crazy of me? Why am I just different within their eyes? How is it that I am any different just because I seen something they haven’t? Why am I the crazy one. Why am I lame? I did not create this life, I am not to blame, so don’t put me to shame. I didn’t make this worldly design. I ask again what could it be? I tell you honestly… it’s not me as you may believe.

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