The Feeling I Have Within This Hospital Bed

Lying head up in this hospital bed. Pain piercing within the front and mid back of my head.
Doctors in white coats telling me to do one thing, while shrubs get mad and tell me NO! With no voice to scream for help annd no hospital bell to ring them in. My head pain begins again. My chest burns in all the stress while I still lye awaiting the more ordered tests. Xray of chest and monitors holding me down. Nowhere to go still lying in the room of the unknowns. My head feeling like it will soon explode and my neck and chest throbbing as if screaming throughout town for anyone to hear of whom may be near. Eyes feeling like they are falling out of my head. Fuzzy and spinning, being surprised that I am not yet dead. That is the feeling I have within my head. The feeling I have within this hospital bed.

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