Depression Was The Diagnosis They Gave

I sit behind these walls not of fame, but instead of all my very own deepest pains.
Watching my life fade away into the shadows and shades. Evil reaching out and jutting it up in one quick snatch as if to laugh and say who got the last one now?
Being put in cuffs from head to toe and taken by escort right out the door to sit for hours in one room with a stranger not knowing what the next many hours will behold behind the next door.
As if in a war yet not even so you live tied and knotted within your very own life
Not even seeming real but like a fading dream
Depression is the diagnosis they give in the end. With suicidal precautions and questions in the air. Did she or not is what I heard said. As the women next to me continues drawing blood.
Don’t know if you’ll stay the night or go home or even what the future may hold, but eventually it will show answers that seem not there now. Your not in it alone! There are many just like yours whom you don’t even know. Hold onto your dreams, open new doors and don’t look down it will soon be looking up and stay straight….don’t give up friend. All will turn out in the very end.

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