Weather The Storm

A beautiful life

nothing hidden within

Nothing hiding inside

everything exposed and changed

all life open and expanding in growth

nothing holding back beginning on working it all out

Ready to fight our way ahead and makeover this on coming storm

your not gonna blow me down

your not gonna hold me back

I’m gonna fight and win

I’m gonna pull thru and survive

this fight will not be my  living will or my very dieing day

I will not let you take all I have

I will fight to continue to live in the end

I will remain who i am and not be changed

I shall stand my ground as I was found

I will weather and hold out this rising raging storm

It’s a beautiful life 

It’s a beautiful life

I shall not drowned in it’s rain

I shall not break down from any of it’s large size hails 

I shall fight to live and remain and stay strong

I AM living to win



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