Sweet Sensual Ecstasy

I lye awake in my bed tonight

thoughts of you hounding my thoughts, blogs, and mind

nauty, nasty, loving, golden amonst the clutter clashing within my everyday crazy life

I lye awake and start to drift, stare as if you suddenly appear there

Hot and with thrill burning my finger tips my hands begin to roam

Wishing you were here to hold me near

I begin to dream of the what if’s remaining in life with us within my breezy misty daze

erotic if you could only see and feel all my love, lust, hidden thoughts and feelings that I have still remaining inside

So arroused wanting you feeling me all around

deep within my caress

closing in

feeling me quiver within the silence,

and blackness of the moonlit blue sky

My body numb from the feeling of being so turned on

on fire with the moments and throughts. my dreams of the night

Dreams whisping in as like a ghost flying overhead unoticed and quiet as ever

Feeling you as if it all were so real

I want you here inside me

taking all my stress, pains, worries

rubbing me down with oils scents of the seas

relaxing me all over outside and inside the same

my body numb and throbbing wanting to finish off what I alone have begun

I lye awake withing the night with just a simple solitude thought of you and me

living in my own sweet sensual Ecstasy

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