I’m Not Gonna Sit Back And Watch Me Die

I sit back here hiding within the shadows

watching all the earth and life around me

moving into disaster and strife

My eyes welding into balls of tears

as my own life battle crumbles to the ground

over and around my own feet

Falling like ash from a fireworks display

I sit silent and watch as everything I ever loved, despised, admired

crashes like a burning plain and fails or dies

My heart hurting and burning within

as my own life on the line is drawing thin

my spirit wounded from all the falling debre

my body scared and bruised of what is left of me

All those around who i trusted and had faith

have stumbled and failed

like mice running around a clock, running in place

My heart beat slowing it’s pace

as it has begun to claim my life with

a sight of nothing left for me to see and face

all my own life being taken away from me as well

If I could sell

I would indeed

yet that would not solve one thing

so what for

All I have ever lived and breathed for

has been spilled and washed right out the door

what’s left for me

you’ve taken it all away

Life is nothing if you can’t climb and make the way

so i open my wings to fly away

walking out of my messed up life

Leaving a destroyed love, earth, spirit, body,

Leaving it all behind

I’m not gonna sit back and watch me die with all the rest who did

that won’t be me standing in that line

They want to…

let them decide

nothing amazing, always lies

I’m gonna cover over my eyes to run and hide

I’m not gonna be next in that long long list of lines

I’m not gonna sit back and watch me die

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