Understanding Life In A New Eye

Understanding life in a new eye

Like the lightnening that flashes across the dark black sky

the whisper of the wind may change direction

You thought that you had it all figured out

instead you wind up lost or dead

you blink your eyes trying to see more clearly

only to see it more a big blurr

You begin to try to regain focus and sight

learning and hearing more of the insight

still tumbling and wableing you try to walk on to to stumble and fall

reaching out for help crying out to friends or family

Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up…

yet no one is there to catch the fall or embrace you and help you out

what is life if not even a friend can mend a broken heart

understanding life in a new eye

The life we all once knew as that child and that great caring friend

has long lost washed away with the rain that has run across and over the land

Life as we knew it years in the past has long gone being left back in the days of the past

Understanding life in the new eye of today is the hardest thing there is to truly realize and say.

Life today is not the pretty painted picture we painted of the days we had seen before

no remorse has set in

dreams are left just in a glance

hands can’t even be found and reached out to hold someone

elses other hand helping them stand again

This is the life we know now

seen within this new eye

this is understanding life now in a new eye

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