Today Is Here, Tomorrow Is Still On It’s Way

When things just aren’t going your way
Months down the road and the path below your feet has slipped away
People feel disrespected and don’t understand just the exact way as they have not visually seen
You feel as if this really may be coming into your last breath that you take and all your life has been ripped away as people begin turning away and stares and whispers all come out your way
Truth is they never wanted to wait any longer to care enough for you
They were nothing but gloat, envy, and greed
No energy left running through your veins your not about to chase them down and try to explain
Your dress and skins all worn and frayed
While there is no tears left in your eyes to cross over your face
As you stay everyday laying in bed
Gasping and coughing for another breath to take
You know that you can’t ask anyone to understand
They can’t
They can’t feel
They cant imagine
They only know if they dare to stay and be your friend
They only know if they have traveled the road along side of you, or of they have suffered themselves
If this is over their head and beyond their grasp they really were never a friend and In the end they are the ones who have turned on you and walked away
However today you are still here, still living and still breathing though it may feel challenged and not the best way
You will still awake for another tomorrow and may see a hope for a new brighter day
Even if today feels like the last has finally came
Those who are your friends will always still remain
They will continue the fight with you forever
Whatever comes your way
Today is here tomorrow is still on its way

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